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Octordle Wordle

Play Octordle - a version of the Wordle game with eight words at the same time. Do you love Wordle? Then this game is for you. Now even more interest and excitement! 8 playing fields, 8 hidden words, the same rules and 13 attempts to guess. Octal pleasure is now available for everyone.

How to play Octordle


The goal of the Octordle player is to find out which 8 words are hidden in the eight playing fields. To do this, you have to enter your own words into empty cells using the keyboard.


Type any existing word and press Enter. Please note that the letters have changed their color. Use this as a hint.


Green is the correct letter. Yellow is the correct letter but in the wrong place. Gray is a wrong letter.


Enter another word using the hints received. And so on until you understand what words are hidden in the first and second playing field.


Keyboard letters will also change their color, making it easier for you to play. The faster you do it, the better your result. Good game!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules of Octordle?

If you have played Wordle, then it will be easier for you to understand the game. The rules are almost the same, but eight words are hidden at once and you also need to guess all of them. You will have up to 13 attempts. If you need more detailed rules, check out the Octordle rules on the page.

What does not valid word error mean?

Such an error means that the word you entered is not contained in our dictionary and is not suitable for the game. Most likely, there is either no such word at all, or we made a mistake and then you can write to us about it by email.

Why is the word entered in all fields?

This is the essence of the game. You play in parallel on eight playing fields. You can't enter a word separately in certain fields, then it would be just eight Wordle games, but this is the Octordle!

How many words do you need to guess to win?

In Octordle, unlike the regular version, it is not enough for you to guess only one word. To win the game, you need to find out all eight hidden words in 13 tries.

What do the different colors on the keyboard buttons mean?

The colors of the letters on the keyboard correspond to the hints received. The buttons are divided into eight sections. Accordingly, the color of the letter corresponds to the presence or absence of such a letter in the field

Did you like Octordle?

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